About us

Welcome to Bovo Tours: your ideal partner for coach hire!
Coach company Bovo Tours is one of the largest passenger transportation providers in The Netherlands. Our office is stationed in the heart of the country, near Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport. We offer luxury coach transportation for the private, as well as the business market. With a perfectly maintained coach lot of more than70 coaches, Bovo is able to provide you with your wish for transportation in almost any possible way you can imagine. Not only is service on a high standard, offering you with a solution that is affordable is also one of our important goals. Whether you need transportation for a business trip, transportation to an event, transportation for schools, city trips or international trip, we can provide you with the ideal solution. Bovo Tours helps you to book your trip fast, affordable and with the most beautiful vehicles.

Always a pleasant trip
When providing services for passenger transportation, it is all about the people. You are looking for a company to provide you with a coach and a highly qualified driver, Bovo Tours is the company to contact. Coach company Bovo Tours not only provides you with the best quality coaches, but also high value services. Our highly qualified drivers are extremely customer friendly and love their jobs. Because of these service point, we promise you a relaxed trip and a great day or days.

Bovo Tours and the Northern Stern
Coach company Bovo Tours started providing service for passenger transportation in 1947 and is now one of the biggest coach companies in The Netherlands. The symbol for Bovo Tours is the Northern Stern, a migrating bird that annually travels approximately 35.000 kilometres from north to south. Just like these migrating birds, our coaches travel great distances throughout Europe and cross all kinds of borders.